One of the best things about working Parramatta when I started full time was all the other amazing people who work out here. Parramatta is the poor man’s CBD – literally. Most of the organisations based out here seem to be either not-for-profits or government departments. It’s kind of neat. It also meant that whe I started, I knew heaps of other people working out here. I had friends churning through their social work pracs at DOCs (Jeremy), Community Health (Rae) and tiny independent youth and family centres (Lauren). Alison was working on the other side at a mission organisation. In the morning I would catch the train in with Brian from high school, heading off to Westmead for his nutrition prac. And, of course, Jen at UWS just down the road, and lunches by the river. It was so good!

BY the end of the year, all the pracs were over (my social work friends all graduated – whoo!) and Alison got herself another job (she works with Matt now), but it was all OK. Jen was still there… for a few more months…

Last week, I lost my wisdom teeth. Now I have four uncomfortable holes in my mouth. I hope they go away soon. For a week I disappeared into oblivion and I didn’t see anyone I wasn’t related or married to, apart from Claire and Tom with their offering of chocolate mousse. Back in the real world, I find that I haven’t just lost teeth, but I have lost a whole stack of connections with people. Ahhh!

Jen has finshed up as a researcher, for the time being, so no more lunch by the river 😦 Soon she will be off taking over the world, or at least parts of South East Asia and Southern and Central Africa. Where is the joy in Parramatta.

Four very wonderful people have had to leave church, because they are training at bible college and that’s the way the system works. Ugh.

One amazing, amazing person has left church, because she has decided to be a high school teacher in Dubbo. Actually, she decided to be a high school teacher in rural NSW, and the Department of Education decided that she would go to Dubbo. She left on the weekend and it was so sudden even though we knew it was coming for ever. I miss her so much and it feels weird that she is not around.

So that is life right now. No more wonderful fun times with Fiona, and Parramatta is dismal without Jen. And I am missing four molars.


6 thoughts on “Leavings

  1. jennigan

    I’m sorry I missed our last lunch! 😦 I completely forgot that I wouldn’t be in Parra that day. I’m sad that you’re sad, but that’s the way things go. Life is beautiful and dynamic and things are always happening, and you appreciate the moments when you have them all the more. I miss the URC and I miss my desk and I miss having lunches with you, but I’m very glad that they happened and that I have the memories of them. And I’m excited by what happens next. And things are exciting for you too! I’m excited by my plans and I have things that are always happening that are messy and complicated (I had dinner on Phil on Tuesday; I should email you), and sometimes I wish I had the kinds of problems that you have with the logistics of in-laws. And sometimes I wish that I have a husband and I know that no matter what happens he will always be there, and that I can make plans about travel and jobs and kids and they can be realistic. The grass is always greener, I suppose. And now I’m just rambling, so I’ll stop. But just because Fi and I and all those other people aren’t in your daily life as much anymore, we’re still here! Friends are still friends no matter how much distance there is. I love you!

    1. Anonymous

      cherish those moments of awesomeness! I’m sure there are plenty of people still there who you are awesome to.
      Sad with your sadness, lets start a kibbutz
      Mike W


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