Advertising observation of the week.

Walking around Parramatta yesterday I saw (everywhere) this movie poster:

Everything about it looks pretty much exactly the same as Love, Actually, except for it being pinker, and American. Those two things combined make it look pretty tacky.

12 thoughts on “Advertising observation of the week.

  1. springdove

    *hasn’t seen it and doesn’t really plan to but is slightly offended that the main beef is that it’s American* 😛
    In terms of actors in it, I’m a fan of Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine, and Anne Hathaway, but not as much of the others. *shrug* It may be a good movie, and it may not. Is it really fair to judge the movie before anyone’s even seen it?
    *gets off her “defending her country” box*

    1. Alison Post author

      Haha! Sorry!

      The main reason that “America” makes it the main beef is because in my opinion, Love Actually was bordering on tacky itself, but was saved by some very classy accents and some very beautiful acting by Emma Thompson, who is definitely not American. (I’d mention the beautiful acting by Laura Linney too, but that kind of works against my argument :P)

      1. springdove

        It’s okay. I was trying really hard not to be offended because I figured it wasn’t REALLY “EW! America sucks!”, especially coming from you. 🙂 I’ve just become more sensitive to it since becoming more internationally oriented. I definitely have my own beefs with my society, but it gets old hearing other countries continually bash us.
        At any rate, if I ever do decide to see it, I’ll let you know just how tacky it is. 😉

      2. Anonymous

        The problem isn’t that it’s American, but that the movie has totally stolen its plot and narrative from a contemproary British film.

      3. springdove

        That’s not exactly how it came across, but even so, how do you even know that it has stolen its plot from Love Actually? Has anyone actually seen the film? At least here in the States, it doesn’t come out until this Friday. I’m not trying to say it’s not a tacky film…it may truly be. I’m just trying to say that 1) it’s not really fair to prejudge it, and 2) prejudging it partially based on its American-ness rubs me the wrong way. Why does “American” have to mean tacky? (Aside from the fact that some truly tacky things come from here. 😉

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