It’s the 1st of April and I’m taking this opportinity to reflect on the last month of work. It’s been both very boring and also very exciting.

I spent way too many days in March with too little work to do – not because there was no work, but because all my projects have been blocked! I’ve been waiting for replies to emails, waiting for my superiors to have meetings, waiting for clients to agree to project terms etc. So much time spent waiting! I hope I never have a month like this again!

But it was an exciting month too. We began planning a lot of very interesting projects, including some very complicated but exciting projects following up on the decision to close Kingsdene special school. I have been translating between our IT department and frontline service workers as we try to implement a new database. And, of course, I got to go to the ACOSS conference!

I’m hoping that by the end of April, these projects will be in full swing. But before that happens, it’s Easter, and holiday time! A weekend, two public holidays and two deays of annual leave! Yeah!

Orthodox Easter and Western Easter are coinciding this year, which is sweet. I’m looking forward to 6 wonderful days of making easter eggs, seeing family (both Matt’s family in the mountains and my extended Greek family at my parent’s place) and then a holiday down south where, weather permitting, we will be canoeing every day. It will be so great to not have to work for nearly a week. Whoo!


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. waterphaerie

    I saw pretty easter egg pictures on facebook. I’d love to know how you make them!

    I met someone you work with today. i can’t remember her name but she started this year and has blond hair. I’m actually pretty sure i said “do you know alison kaye” instead of “moffitt”. I’ve only just realised and i feel like a bit of a fool 🙂


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