Rejoicing in work

Today has been the first day in many weeks that I have wrapped up a day of work and felt satisfied. Finally, I have had a day almost entirely filled with doing things that I enjoy and getting lots of things done.

So I saw that there is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his work, for that is his lot (Ecc. 3:22)

In the morning it was a meeting with an Anglican minister who has been asked to do some strategic planning for cross-cultural outreach and ministry. I am incredibly passionate about this kind of thing, so it is always exciting when someone comes along and says “I want to do some strategic thinking and planning about cross-cultural ministry. Can you supply me with some data?” Party time!

Most of the rest of the day has been co-writing a fact sheet for the upcoming federal budget with my colleague Caitlin. We are producing a handful of fact sheets about issues and services that we think need to be addressed in the next budget and today we finished one on “Sustainable Living”, which is the new direction the Anglicare is taking with Emergency Relief. The basic premise is that Emergency Relief helps people in crisis by giving them food or helping them pay bills, but it doesn’t do much to help in the long term. The Sustainable Living program has seen the introduction of budgeting assistance, referrals to financial counselling, budgeting counselling, drug and alchohol rehab, nutrition and cooking classes, parenting courses etc.

Sadly this kind of program isn’t funded by the government. At the moment the government only funds the emergency help. Caitlin and I were writing this fact sheet as part of our advocacy to convince the government that this kind of assistance is really useless in the long term and they should be funding better programs.

And oh my goodness we had a blast. It was the first time since uni that I’ve tried to actually write something with another person, and this time it was so much easier, and fun. Working for so long in the same space has obviously got us thinking on the same wavelength – in terms of policy, writing style and humour…

In the middle of the day we were severely distracted by the new Southern Cross, the newspaper for Sydney Anglicans, which looks and reads suspciously like a tabloid magazine. My other colleage, Rachael started us dreaming about what sort of stories the Southern Cross would print if it actully was a tabloid mag along the lines of NW. I’m not repeating any of them here because I don’t want to get into trouble, but we were laughing so hard at Rachael’s suggestions that our stomachs were hurting.

And the end of the day? It was spent frantically running round doing my translation between IT and the Emergency Relief managers as we get this crazy database online. It was good exercise and it’s always fun to hang out in the little annexe of IT land that is devoted to the three guys who work on the databases. And finally, it’s great to actually see a problem get solved!

End of day, and time to go home 🙂


One thought on “Rejoicing in work

  1. pinhead22886

    That last bit sounds suspiciously like something from The IT Crowd…

    I can only imagine how nice it would be to have a fulfilling job that makes a difference to someone’s life. Maybe one day…


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