Think globally…

Last month we receieved the latest CMS magazine in the mail, and it came complete with a neat pull out poster. Today I took the poster in to work and stuck it up on the wall near my desk, next to my Anglicare Strategic Plan poster.

Office decorations

Oh boy, I miss having CMS in my life like I used to. With Matt working there I would be regularly roped into to volunteer at conferences and events and I would be kept in the loop about missionaries lives and plans. I could drop in at the office any time. I found myself part of the staff community there who lived and breathed global mission. It was really humbling but also exciting to be constantly exposed to the experiences of churches in so many contexts different from mine.

Matt’s departure from CMS hasn’t dampened our interest in global mission and the world-wide church, but I have definitely missed being in the thick of it like I used to be. On top of this, I have been away from the EU community at uni for just about a year now, a year away from another community full of people who cared about and supported brothers and sisters around the world.

My focus is now being shaped more and more by my local church and Anglicare – great and wonderful places, but a little more centred on the local and less on the global. And it’s right and proper for Anglicare to be like that. We have a job to do here in Sydney, helping to meet the needs of people and communities here. And church at Ashfield? Well, I guess we will just keep working hard! There are a handful of us who see the need to shift the culture a little. I’m really praying that sometime soon our local church will be full of people who know about what’s happening in churches around the world, who pray for all their brothers and sisters (even those outside of Sydney!) and who consider making sacrifices for the sake of Jesus and his church – be it their time, their money or even where they end up living and working.


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