The Psalms – Book Four

The book of Psalms in the bible is actually five smaller books joined together. I noticed this a while ago but I only really started caring about it recently, when I realised that a lot of my favourite psalms came from the same book.

Last weekend, as an experiment, I read Book 4 (psalms 90 to 106) in one sitting. It was amazing. If you are familiar with Psalms, you will know that they are usually reflections from David about how he is stranded in the desert, fighting for his life and surrounded by enemies. They are David’s pleas to God for mercy and reflections on God’s righteousness and grace in the light of his experiences. But the psalms in Book 4 are different. They are less about the trials and triumphs of one person and more about the enormously surpassing greatness of God. They are very big picture.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting something from each of these psalms – usually just a few verses, don’t worry about me clogging up your friends page too much! I hope it inspires you to check out one of the most uplifing parts of the bible for yourself 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Psalms – Book Four

  1. birdienl

    Looking forward to your posts about the Psalms. I love the Psalms. There’s this project on in The Netherlands where all Psalms are translated and put to new music. It’s wonderful, because when you listen to them you’ll see their meaning all over again, especially of those Psalms you’ve read very often.


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