Two very different pieces of music I highly recommend:

I love the version of Route 66 that Natalie Cole sang. Our tap class danced to it last night and it was the most amazing tap dancing I have done since I started classes at SDC. The tempo was up and we clipped and scuffed and struggled until we could do it without mistakes, dancing along to a fantastic electric guitar jazz solo.

I am terrified of Saturn by Gustav Holst. I was listening to it at work today, and towards the end of the track I actually had to turn it off and take a break, because it was giving me the kind of adrenalin rush I get when I am afraid. I was actually feeling sick in my stomach. My music teacher at high school once mentioned that as a child he was terrified of Mars. I get that. That one is scary in a “we are fighting in a war and everyone is dying” kind of way. But I think Saturn is even more scary. It is more like “I am an old man and I am eating children to fight back my fears of my own mortality”. Argh!

5 thoughts on “Music

      1. tibbycat

        That is pretty gross.
        I’m fairly desensitized I guess, but there are some things that can be too gross that make my physically ill seeing them. That image doesn’t, but I’ve seen things that have.

  1. springdove

    I remember listening to a 20th century piece by George Crumb, I believe, that was meant to evoke images of the Vietnam War. One of the movements made me feel sick to my stomach, so I understand where you’re coming from. Some people don’t understand how music can evoke such emotion and physical response, but they are sad and missing out.
    And yeah…gross the picture of Saturn eating his kiddos. 😛


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