It was colder in Hurlstone Park than I ever remember it being.
This morning I got into the car and there was a sheet of frost on the windscreen. I sat there for five minutes with the airconditioner on waiting for it to clear enough to drive. That has never happened to me before. What are you supposed to do when your car window frosts over? Maybe I should have tipped warm water over the windscreen. It was very cold.

When I came over the hill at Canterbury I had a sweeping view of the racecourse. The track and the grassy carparks were white with frost. It was very pretty! But very un-Sydney.


6 thoughts on “Frost

  1. nuranar

    You used the air conditioner? I usually turn the heat on, but it still takes just as long. It’s faster, with frost, to use an ice scraper. I keep mine in the glove box. It looks sort of like this:

    They’re sold in auto parts stores and gas stations.

    It’s just possible that warm water might have cracked your windshield, if it was cold enough – so maybe it’s good you didn’t do it! 🙂

    Usually when we get just frost it’s not cold enough to be very pretty, aside from the overall effect. But one morning last December it was unusually cold, and in the morning the frost made gorgeous lacy pictures on the window.

    1. Alison Post author

      Haha! Sorry yeah – I used the heat (the air conditioner on warm!)

      I’ll wait to see if there are going to be any long term changes in our weather patterns before I invest in an ice scraper, I think. It’s the first time I’ve seen ice like that in the city!

      1. tibbycat

        I think I may need to purchase one of these ice scaper things too as my car was also covered in ice this morning. So chilly this week. Brrr.

        I got it off by pouring hot water on it though someone at bible study told me tonight that that can crack my window, so I probably shouldn’t do that again.

  2. birdienl

    That must indeed be strange to see that for the first time! It’s rather normal for us here in Europe. I don’t have a car, so I can’t suggest ways to defrost your windows. good luck!


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