Does publicly funded youth radio turn you on?

Over the last year I have some how become dependent on Triple J. I have never really listened to much radio, but somethihng happened. I think it was getting a car and sometimes using it to commute to work. I fell in love with the hilarious banter of last year’s breakfast hosts, and it was a tragedy when I found out that they were disbanding.

This year they have been replaced by Tom and Alex. When they were introduced, they sounded like pretentious upstarts. Young and full of themselves. They are the same age as my little brother! In protest each morning, I tuned out of Triple J and into ABC Classic FM (because nothing will induce me to listen to commercial radio and all their advertising). Take that Tom and Alex. I’d rather listen to an obscure French opera than listen to you!

Well, that was the way it was, until they gradually wore me down, and now I quite enjoy their show. They have me in stitches – especially this week, as the pair of them have been preoccupied with two tasks, namely:

1. Creating an official Triple J pick up line, which (if you are the sort of person who likes to go clubbing) you can use over the weekend as some kind of secret code to identify other Triple J listeners.

2. Warning the public that the Melbourne Aquarium are flying a pair of leopard sharks from Cairns to Melbourne tonight – right now in fact, as I type. Over our heads.

The leopard shark saga has actually been quite funny. Lots of public service announcements and moral outrage about how the government is allowing the aquarium to fly sharks over the heads of working families and their children.

As recorded in their blog:

God help us. God help us all.

We spoke to Nick from the Melbourne Aquarium to get to the bottom of this government conspiracy and to discuss how it is eroding family values in the 21st Century.

He didn’t seem that concerned, but that’s probably because he’s a communist…


Thanks for a very entertaining week, Tom and Alex.

Well I am definitely not going clubbing so I’ll try out the secret code here:

“Does publicly funded youth radio turn you on?”


5 thoughts on “Does publicly funded youth radio turn you on?

  1. tibbycat

    It does turn me on.

    And commercial radio and all their advertising turns me off.

    Seriously, listen to 2dayfm or triple m for a few minutes in the morning while trying not to go insane. Even the bloody weather announcements have ads in them by the weather guy. Or the ads where the announcers pretend to have a conversation about some product they think we should buy. *gag* (though I think thanks to John Laws and his cash for comment scandal those type of pretend ads are illegal now… I think).

  2. pinhead22886

    I used to listen to Triple J all the time. But then they got rid of the good hosts, and got shit hosts, and they stopped playing the good music and started playing a lot more of the shit music (Lily Allen and Australian hip-hop **SHUDDER**). So I now listen to 2WS, because classic hits are freakin AMAZING! And when there are ads, I switch over to Classic Rock FM (may Menopause FM rest in peace).


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