Back to work

My holidays ended abruptly this morning with my alarm at 6:40.

It was a pretty wonderful holiday, a home holiday. I got to do lots of neat things like:
– seeing out-of-town friends
– exploring bits of Sydney
– visiting the art gallery with my Grandma
– bike riding
– testing new recipies
– watching movies
– stitching
– reading
– hanging out with Matt
– hanging out with my parents
– teaching Matt to drive

Fun times!

But work happened again and life is back to normal, with the added drama of an election campaign constantly humming along in the background. I need to be switched on, but I feel so tired just thinking about it. Neither party will do what needs to be done where Anglicare’s work is considered. It makes me feel sad.


4 thoughts on “Back to work

      1. tibbycat

        Re: Bike riding

        I was considering going jogging at work but didn’t for the same lack of shower reason. There’s a shower in the back of Moore Books, but you’d have to step through the cockroach and rat poo. *shudders*

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