Savouring the weekend

This weekend brought so many wonderful things to remember!

Catchup with Vroni and Alex
This should be a normal event, but it sadly had been so incredibly long since the last time I saw Vroni that I still hadn’t met her husband, who she has been married to for over two years! It was the coolest night ever finally seeing her again and still getting on so well.

Tim and Karen’s wedding
On Saturday, Tim (high school friend) married Karen (geography friend from uni). They are both Christians, and they met conincidentally through the EU at Sydney Uni and going to a big church near uni that a lot of students attend. So it was a very cool wedding because of all the people there! I went along with some of the geography girls, but also at the wedding were lots of old friendly faces from high school as well as heap of other Christian friends from uni days. And also some people from Matt’s old job. It was a lovely ceremony and so nice to see them married! They are two very lovely people, and they looked incredibly happy.

Impromptue afterparty
The geography girls hadn’t made the reception guest list so instead we went back to my place and celebrated on our own. We ate delicious food and had fun conversation and made jewellery and also we bought a quince and a coconut, just because. Both fruits are still sitting in my kitchen and I’m not sure what to do with them.

Dumplings with Gus
In the evening our friend Gus invited himself over for dinner, bringing a banquet of declicious Shanghai fare from Ashfield. I love hanging out with Gus. We have the best conversations with him. I feel like I am sharpening my brain in every imaginable way when I talk to Gus.

Visiting Marrickville – by bike
You probably already know how much I love Marrickville and bike riding so I won’t rant about this again!

Feeding our church
Tonight, for the first time ever, our bible study prepared suppertogether for the rest of our church. I made Chris’ mum’s biscuits, the most delicious sweet food I have associated with my high school days. Mmmm. It was so lovely to do this as a team. Matt and I were worried that no one would remember but we had so much food! It was lovely to work together to set up tables, put the food out and clean together. It ended being a really neat bonding activity. Yay, bible study!

People in love
One of my friends is smitten with another friend. It’s very cute! I want it to end well, so I am just sitting here impatiently waiting for something to happen…


5 thoughts on “Savouring the weekend

    1. Alison Post author

      They were nearly as good as hers! It’s such an easy recipe, I think I will make it all the time.

      I’m very well thank you 🙂 how are you?


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