It’s election day tomorrow.

I’m incredibly terrified that the Liberal Party* is going to win.

So, I’m not intending this to be an open slagfest against the Liberal Party and their supporters. Most of my friends and family who are Liberal voters are voting that way because they really believe and support the traditional Liberal Party approach to the economy, to the market and to society. They know things about how Liberal policy works and they know things about how Labor policy work. They make an educated decision about who they think is better equipped to run the country.

The thing is that if Liberal win the election tomorrow, it won’t be because most of Australia has made an educated decision. Tony Abbott has not been basing his campaigning on classic Liberal policy. Of all of Tony Abbott’s campaigning, the loudest message that has come across is: “The Labor Government has let boat people in. We will stop the boats”. This campaigning has inflamed a really disgusting sentiment among people in Australia who don’t use their brain: that Australia is full, that asylum seekers are evil people who “jump the queue” and that they willl steal everyone’s jobs. Ugh.

And that’s not to say that Labor has had an awesome campaign. This has been the most negative, most depressing election campaign I have ever seen, on both sides – a race to the bottom.

But still, if Liberal wins and Tony Abbott becomes PM on Saturday, it will be shocking proof that Australia is a horribly racist country. I don’t think I will be able to handle it very well. The knowledge that there are some disgustingly racist Australians makes me sad. I don’t know what I’ll do if this groups turns out to be a majority.

*For overseas readers who are not up to scratch with Australian politics: The Liberal Party is, confusingly, the more conservative party.

16 thoughts on “Elections

  1. birdienl

    We’ve got a bit the same situation here in The Netherlands, don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but the right-wing politician Geerd Wilders, who has strong negative opinions about muslims, wun a lot of votes here last election. Yuk!

    1. Alison Post author

      Ugh, yes, it’s starting to turn into a topic of conversation here too, although I think it’s still a long way off actually being legislated. Altohough you never know… everything might change tomorrow! :S

  2. tibbycat

    I totally agree Spally.

    Don’t people realize that more people enter Australia illegally via plane rather than boat? I don’t get the hysteria the Liberal party has whipped up.

  3. aziraphale

    And here I thought the folks here in the USA were the only ones with immigration issues.

    Your representation of the anti-immigration stance taken by conservative Australians exactly mirrors the stance taken by conservative Americans, except we’re not talking about boats so much as people being smuggled across the border in trucks.

    But, depressingly, it’s the same argument over here: immigrants take jobs, they overrun schools, they place a drain on public health care. Of course, none of those are true (at least not to the insidious degree insisted upon by the conservatives).

  4. pinhead22886

    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every liberal party voter is racist… 😛 Also don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every person who’s vote ends up counting as a vote for the liberal party really wanted to vote for the liberal party. The compulsory allocation of preferences is a blight on our so-called “democracy”.

    Having said that, I tend to agree with you. Asylum seekers are probably the most important issue for me this election. But what I see from the Labor party is not a good alternative, its just the lesser (and possibly more diplomatic) of two objectionable approaches. Unfortunately, if I want to cast a formal vote in the lower house (and maybe even in the upper house), I have to vote for one of two approaches which I find inhuman and objectionable.

    I’d like to see a policy from one of the major parties which affords these desperate people from unfathomably dangerous parts of the world an opportunity to come to Australia WITHOUT having to risk their lives on a rusty fishing boat or wait in a third country for a decade.

  5. waterphaerie

    I also have found it confusing that the liberals are the conservative ones.

    And :(. It hasn’t been a great election at all. It’s the matter of picking the lesser of 2 evils…

    1. Anonymous


      Thanks for your post Alison, i agree that it has been a race to the bottom, very sad.

      As someone who works with asylum seekers it has been an important issue for me this election and Simon is exactly right, they are almost the same. Both are for mandatory detention, both are for expensive offshore processing where asylum seekers don’t have rights to a review process and niether are for increasing the (very small) cap on our humanitarian intake.

      There is only one party this election with decent views on asylum seekers.

  6. dumsum

    And though it’s irrelevant to the main point of your post, I’d be hesitant to call the Liberal party the “more conservative” party. On economic matters they are far more liberal (libertarian?) than the ALP.

    Historically on social policy it would be the opposite, and for most things it still is, but with the ALP trying to dramatically increase censorship which the Libs have promised to not do there’s a definite drift right from the ALP and left from the Libs.


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