Prolific day

I have spent a large portion of the day working on a report on Spanish-speaking people in Sydney and the Illawarra. Now I am breaking for lunch – a very appropriate meal of leftover paella.

Digging up stats on people from Colombia is making me melancholy. Our friend Juan returned home to Colombia just over a week ago, after a three and a half year stint of studying, working and deciding whether to stay in Australia. It’s pretty lame not having him around anymore, especially because the change is so permanent. As Juan said just before he left, a part of his life is over, but it kind of feels like a part of Matt and my life is over too. It’s one thing to lose friendships because circumstances gradually change. It’s a completely different thing when a friend moves to the exact opposite end of the world, never to come back, to a place that you will never be able to afford to go to! It’s an irreparable end of friendship.

The one consoling thought is that that when Jesus comes back, hopefully we will all be there, united again despite space and despite language.

Time to get stats for El Salvador.


2 thoughts on “Prolific day

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the post

    I wonder how many friends you have who have moved to Spanish speaking countries! This could turn into a long blog series

  2. Anonymous

    i have a Columbian lady in our Bible study who is married to a mandarin speaker and they both speak english. They must have a huge percentage of the world covered language wise.
    Sorry to hear about your friend. mobility has some serious downsides


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