Chronicling a moment

It was my birthday on Monday and the whole week has been wonderful. I have spent nice time with all my close family and got lots of lovely messages from all my friends. And Matt gave me the coolest jumper ever as a gift.

The thing I want to share though is what happened last night at trivia. Matt come along with me (it doesn’t happen that often!) and we turned up early to make sure we got seats. Everybody seemed to reply to Glen’s email this week to say they were in. And when we all turned up, it really was a big crowd! Almost everyone was there, and it was lovely.

Suddenly, at the end of the first round, a cake appeared in front of me and Reta the Trivia Lady got the whole bar to sing happy birthday to me! My friends had secretly turned trivia into a birthday party! We ate cake, and chips and edamame beans. And then they produced a gift bag full of musical DVDs! And a card that everybody had signed, even Jen and Mel from their distant countries and Marita from the far reaches of south-west Sydney.

Anyway, I just wanted to write this up to keep as a memory. I love my friends! They are wonderful!


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