On the weekend Matt and I drove the long drive out to visit our friend Fiona, who moved to Forbes earlier this year. We had a pretty wonderful time.


One of the most amazing things about driving out was the landscape. It was not my first time in the country, but it was definitely my first time being there after the drought had broken. I have no memories of driving through the west except during the drought. The rain has made the landscape a rich green that I have never seen before, except in pictures of the English countryside.


The Parkes Radio Telescope

Thousands of fish fossils from the Devonian era, unearthed in Canowindra

Exploring Canowindra

Walking around Forbes Lake

The Forbes Lake overflowing from the rain

Canola Fields

You can read more about Forbes at Fiona’s blog: because I was told.


2 thoughts on “Countryside

    1. Alison Post author

      I know! It looks like another planet. It’s pretty exciting to see things actually growing. Apparently now everyone is worried about locusts.


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