Designing the bible

I have been doing a lot of cross referencing to other blogs at the moment. Bear with me – here is another one, but it’s completely worth checking out!

Matt stumbled across Jim LePage’s Word Project a couple of days ago, and since then we have been hooked. The Word project is Jim’s attempt to deisgn covers for each book of the bible (Sometimes multiple covers) as a way of combining something he loves to do (design) with something he wants to do (reading the bible, even the boring bits).

Here are some of my favourites:

Almost as good as the designs themselves are the hilariously sarcastic-yet-insightful explanations that come with each design he puts out.

Do you like design or reading the bible? Or even both?! Oh my goodness, go and explore Word right now!


2 thoughts on “Designing the bible

  1. birdienl

    It is indeed a very interesting blog. It’s harsh sometimes, the covers and what he says about the Bible, but it’s true and we better face it than try to reason it away.

    1. Alison Post author

      That’s a very good way of putting it – harsh designs! I find the harshness really refreshing though. Some of the traditional images we use for the bible are so familiar that we forget how extraordinary the bible actually is. I like how his collection has so many surprises!


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