“For we are the body of Christ…”

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the great pleasure of helping my friend Fi Fi find a new church. She has moved to a new part of Sydney (one that I am not very familiar with!) and is looking for a church that is closer to her new home.

It was pretty fun! I loved spending quality time with Fi Fi before church started, especially in such nice beachside locations, but there were definitely some hard parts to it too. Here were some of the high-and-low-lights:

  • Being away from my home church really sucked. Being away reminded me that my church actually is like family, and going to different churches for two weeks made me miss everyone in Ashfield so much!
  • Going to the new churches was kind of exciting. It was nice to meet new Christian brothers and sisters and to know that even though we worship in different styles, we are still worshipping the same risen Lord. That was pretty cool.
  • Going to the new churches was kind of draining, especially in the first church we went to. Although some things were the same, there was a lot that was unfamiliar. It was hard when things were left unexplained and I had to stumble my way through weird songs and unspoken rituals. I felt a bit like an idiot.
  • I’ve discovered that I really appreciate interesting conversation. Meeting so many new people and constantly repeating tedious information about where I worked and where I lived was pretty boring. It was really nice when people asked other questions that actually led to interesting conversation.
  • Our timing was perfect! Both weeks, we happened to be there on the week that the pastor talked in depth about their vision for the church. So not only did Fi Fi get to see the day to day life of the churches we visited but also the big picture stuff about what the church stood for and what it was trying to be.
  • It is refreshing to be reminded that there are churches working really hard to reach the lost in that part of Sydney. Yes!
  • I think Fi Fi enjoyed it, and I think she has found somewhere to stay.

    Our church visit yesterday finished early, and I made it back to Ashfield for the second half of my normal church service. It was awesome. We had communion. I love communion, especially when I’m full of appreciation and love for the body of Christ that I belong to!

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