Last weekend, I went to see Sufjan Stevens with a bunch of friends. As expected, the concert blew me away with its enormous electric-and-trombone-and-female-singers sound. Wow. It ended with an epic finale – Impossible Soul – which went for nearly half an hour and included costume changes, millions of balloons and the entire concert hall of the Opera House dancing.

There is no way I can choose a favourite moment, but there was one performance that sent shivers down my spine. Sufjan came out for his encore and stood alone in the middle of the stage to play John Wayne Gacy, Jr. The balloons from the big finale had all settled on the around him, looking washed out in the blue lights. Sufjan had changed into dull t-shirt, but was still wearing the fluro pants from his pervious costume. As he picked away, singing about clowns and boys and murders, occasionally some balloons would pop ominously as they got too close to the stage lights. No one in the audience said a word. We were completely transfixed.

5 thoughts on “Sufjan

    1. Alison Post author

      Has he been to Perth yet? I ran into a couple of friends at the concert who had bought cheap tickets that were released at the last minute – maybe you should keep an ear to the ground!

    1. Alison Post author

      It would have been cool if you were there! By coincidence, we were sitting directly behind a bunch of people including Phil and Jasper from Indie-church days, which was kind of appropriate. I think those guys inspired my first attempts at Sufjan listening 🙂

      I’m sure he’ll be out again!

      1. tibbycat

        Same. Sophie first introduced me to Sufjan when I once had lunch with her in the city. She took me to a music shop, pointed at a Sufjan CD, and said, “you should buy this. It’s good!” And I did, and she was right.

        Yup. Until then 🙂

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