Student again

An important announcement: I am officially a theological college student! I have enrolled in one night class at Moore College, which will hopefully one day lead to a “Diploma of Bible and Missions”, provided that I can manage to strike a nice balance between working and studying.

Our first class was last night. The subject I am taking is Old Testament 1A and I am simultaneously stoked and terrified. The content we went through last night was very exciting. I am really looking forward to studying the Old Testament, particularly the Pentateuch, in some kind of academicly rigorous way. The scary part is that an academic study of the OT involves lots of historical analysis and criticism, which is very much not my forte. I skimmed through the essay questions and had a small freak out remembering how poor a history student I was in high school – thankfully I’m married to an historian! And thankfully there are a handful of questions that are intelligible to me.

Being a part time student at Moore also now brings a whole lot of other baggage into day to day living. I currently have a million questions flying through my head, like:
“when am I going to make time to study?” or
“can I trust myself to behave in a godly way in class when I am exhausted after a day of work?” or
“how do I helpfully deal with all the stuff that I dislike about Moore College?” or
“how do I meaningfully connect with classmates that I see for two hours each week – who also happen to be brothers and sisters in Christ?” or
“at what time can I fit in dinner on Tuesday nights?”.
It’s pretty much intense. It’s weird to be a student again. I’m hoping it will all shake out and become a little clearer as the weeks roll on.


13 thoughts on “Student again

  1. birdienl

    That’s really brave of you to start studying again! I hope you’ll have a good and meaningfull time and learn a lot. Do not forget to share some interesting insights with us here if you can find the time!

  2. pinhead22886

    Hey, I’m supposed to be studying again this semester too…

    I’m doing a psychology subject. I intend to attend as few classes as possible, do as little reading as possible, and finish with a mark as close to, but not below, 50 as possible…

    I’m not looking forward to finishing work and feeling like I SHOULD be at uni- THREE NIGHTS A WEEK! The nerve…

  3. tibbycat

    Yah for studying again! 😀
    You raise some valid questions. Especially the third one. If I were to study theology I don’t think I could do Moore for those such reasons. So, you’re brave :p
    But I think you’ll go great. I was worried about myself returning to study last year but I’ve been loving it and going really well. I think you’ll be the same.

    And we still need to catch up in person sometime, heh.

    1. Alison Post author

      Yeah, sorry about not catching up 😦 I have just been lazy and not sending sms’s.

      And yeah, I know what you mean about the college thing. I’m trying to be brave! And sensible. I was going to avoid Moore but when I started poking around into other colleges I realised that there are lots of annoying things about all of them! I think the best attitude I can have is to go in aware of the annoyances and then work with them. And I’m going to try my best not to complain too much! (You can probably already guess most of them anyway! :P)

      1. darvids0n

        I don’t understand what’s wrong with Moore College. I go to church there at the moment (since we still need to build a proper building) and the people seem lovely, I also personally know some of the lecturers and they are too!

      2. Alison Post author

        True story! Not everything about Moore College grates – everyone so far seems to be very nice an friendly 🙂

      3. tibbycat

        Certainly true that not everyone is evil there.

        But it’s the conservative direction of its principle John Woodhouse that grates on me and others (many people who work there even).

      4. tibbycat

        Been lazy too. And busy 😦

        I think I would’ve gone SMBC if I had to pick a theological college in Sydney, but hey, more power to you 🙂

  4. Anonymous


    Spal, im a little late reading this news but I’m so very excited for you!! I loved ot and got a stack out of it. I really struggle with some of your fears so might be nice to chat with you about these. Tuesday nights is college night for me too- we should try doing dinner together one day!!! Praying for you!!


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