In Melbourne, in McDonalds

Thank heavens for free McDonals WiFi.

Well, Melbourne is lovely and incredibly trendy. Everyone always said to me
“Melbourne is the best for shopping”
“Everyone in Melbourne dresses well”
“Melbourne is such a well planned city”
“Melbourne is so trendy”

I can now objectively say that yes, all these things are true. Here are some observations from the last twenty four and a bit hours:

– Melbourne’s public transport system makes me drool when I compare it to Sydney’s. Oh my goodness, it’s incredible, reliable, affordable, easy to understand, integrated, comprehensive… I want it!

– I understand the shopping thing now. In Sydney, if you are a normal person and you want to buy clothes that aren’t from a chain store or designed for someone with a distinctly asian aesthetic, you need to go out of the CBD to find some affordable boutique-y stores. Boutiques in Sydney CBD are really only affordable if you are a highly paid executive or the trophy wife of a millionaire. In Melbourne all the affordable boutique-y stores that I would normally go to Newtown to find are in the CBD. Maybe Melbourne people dress so well because interesting and beautiful clothes are more accessible and affordable here?

– Even the food is boutique! Just like there is a lack of clothing chain stores, there also appears to be a lack of fast food chains. I have only found one McDonalds in the CBD so far (the one I am in). In Sydney I would have walked past at least 6 or 7 in an equivalent area. The other fast food outlets seem to be independently run and marketed to attract trendy people. Favourite outlet name so far: “Lord of the Fries”.

– Even McDonalds itself is trendy! Right now, instead of playing old music video clips or a sensationalist cable news channel, the big TV in here is playing old Astro Boy cartoons. It’s like McDonalds for anime hipsters.

Alright… there will be more when I get back home, with less writing and more pictures!


3 thoughts on “In Melbourne, in McDonalds

  1. tibbycat

    Reading this is making me want to move to Melbourne. I’ve been there a few times now and have always liked it.

    Actually I may end up moving to Melbourne in the future anyway, since that’s where most of the video game jobs in Australia are for now.

  2. Anonymous

    I hope Canada is this trendy. Well, they’re less trendy now that FIF are gone. I’ve only been to Melb once but it was rather cool (in more ways than one – sooo chilly, central heating in the place I was staying at was a lifesaver). Wouldn’t mind going again I reckon!

  3. dumsum

    I see you successfully found a McDonalds in Melbourne. I did too, but it took me a very long time.

    I like Melbourne but when I think about the people I encountered there, I’m heavily reminded of University of Sydney students. And that thought is very scary.


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