Typographic Map

How incredible is this map? It is designed by Nancy McCabe in Chicago and has just featured on Flowing Data. The landforms have more or less been created by geocoded place names. I think I would love to try making something like this when I get around to finding some open source gis software – although obviously it would never be so beautiful seeing as I don’t have access to any letterpressing equipment!

Nancy’s maps are technically for sale at her etsy shop but she has currently run out.

3 thoughts on “Typographic Map

    1. Alison Post author

      Like Buster?

      Michael: “Hasn’t everything already sorta been discovered, by like, Magellan and Cortez…NASA?”
      Buster: “Oh yeah, yeah….Those guys did a pretty good job. But there’s still … you know …”
      Lucille: “It never hurts to double check!”


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