Life win (Life update)

I know I will be kicking myself in the shins for saying this later on but I am finding that college is pretty fun. The content is pretty stimulating and I am actually looking forward to learning. I even find myself looking forward to doing the readings (apart from on days like today when I spent the entire day at work reading and writing for a literature review -__-).

Of course, I must acknowledge that I am saying this knowing that:
– I haven’t yet prepared or submitted any assessments
– I haven’t yet sat any exams

Those things could make even my one-subject-load pretty miserable!

But there are other life wins too:
– About to start netball (Fitness!)
– I have a new regular GP (Proper diagnoses!)
– Organising a few catch ups with various old friends (Still connected!)
– Going to Forbes and West Wyalong this weekend (Country!)
– A bunch of friends about to get married (Weddings!)
– A bunch of friends about to have babies (Babies!)
– The discovery that regular and orthodox easters are on the same weekend this year (Family fun!)
– Running a survey pilot at church this weekend for the NCLS team (Data collection!)

Ah. Feeling relaxed, feeling thankful.

14 thoughts on “Life win (Life update)

    1. Alison Post author

      Yes! Matt and I have a plan which involve yourself and maybe Iain too and maybe some kind of dinner?

      The plan has been incubating for a very long time – sorry :S I need to get my act together!

    1. Alison Post author

      I think nearly all churches participate now. All the major denominations are involved and most smaller independent churches too. The decision not to participate comes down to the church, not the NCLS – all churches are invited by NCLS to participate because they want the most accruate dataset possible.

      As for Christians who aren’t attending any church at all, NCLS don’t and can’t collect information on them. They can barely scrape enough funding together to run the one in church. Collecting data on Christians who don’t attend a church regularly would involve conducting a massive survey by phone or random mailout, and even then you’d only be getting a representative sample. NCLS have been involved with those kinds of surveys in the past, where they have asked random people questions about their beliefs and religious practices (I think in partnership with UWS) but it’s too expensive to do that kind of thing regularly.

      Long answer – I hope it actually contains useful info!

      1. pinhead22886

        Expensive, perhaps. Difficult, definitely!

        Still, I think it would tell them more about how churches operate than what they can find out from people that do go to church…

      2. Alison Post author

        You know, I have this really fascinating book called Gone for Good which I can lend you if you are curious about this area.

        It’s the findings from a UK study on why people leave church. I have no idea how they pulled it off but they surveyed something like 800 people who indicated that they used to go to church but stopped going. They gave the respondents a long list of potential reasons for leaving church and the respondents had to tick any that applied. They also did interviews with a bunch of people to get some more in depth information.

        It’s a slightly different church-going context to what it is in Australia, but the findings were still very interesting. The book is organised by different broad reasons for leaving (e.g. disagreeing with beliefs, feeling like their lifestyle was incompatible, moving area and not bothering to connect with a new church, “growing up”) and then working through some of the pastoral implications.

        It sounds like the kind of thing you are talking about!

      3. pinhead22886

        It does sound interesting. I would love to borrow it if i ever see you again… :S

        I have (or used to have, until I lent it to a certain someone (*COUGH* Jason Ramsay *COUGH*)) a book called “Loving God When You Don’t Love The Church”. It was great!

        I plan to buy it again when I have the inclination and time to sift through all the shit they have in Koorong to find it…

      4. Alison Post author

        Sweet! I will make sure I have it with me next time I see you.

        And about buying that book – if I were you I would totally buy it off book depository, not Koorong! That way you don’t actually have to go into the store. 😛

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