Jane Austen on film

I watched the old school Pride and Predjudice today – the really really old school one, with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. Normally I avoid this film because it is possibly the worst ever remake of a book. That said I really enjoyed it today. Even with the Victorian costuming and befuddled plot lines, Greer Garson makes an amazingly pretty and witty Lizzy Bennet.

As I was watching, a number of things jumped out at me as being extremely familiar.

Here is Mr Darcy walking past a funny tent thing.

Elizabeth and Mr Darcy offend each other over archery (also subconciously flirting).

Charlotte and Jane play with some puppies after Mr Bingly breaks Jane’s heart.

I’m sure I am not the first person to notice this, but here are some scenes from Emma:

Emma and Harriet embroider under a funny tent thing.

Emma and Mr Knightley offend each other over archery.

Emma and Harriet play with some puppies after Mr Elton breaks Harriet’s heart.

Weird, hey! It’s not even the same story but those scenes are filmed in very similar ways.

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3 thoughts on “Jane Austen on film

  1. chrs_vg

    The archery scene is a reference at the PnP 1940 movie.It says so in imdb.I have never notice the puppy scene.Maybe its a reference too.I have seen both movies, but I do not realy care much about them although I am a huge Austen fun.


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