Signs of the times

I have been wanting to post here for awhile but the only things that have been piqued my interest have been thoughts I don’t want to share with the wider world and thoughts about the weather. Generally weather is a boring topic. Then I remembered that a stack of Livejournal-reading friends seem to be obessed with the weather!

Things are getting colder but it’s not just the temperature that has alerted me to the end of summer. Here are some signs of the times:

– Daylight savings is over and the sun is setting on the way home from work.
– Daylight savings is over and now I won’t be able to see the colours in my church’s stained glass windows until next summer.
– Our lemon tree (and everyone else’s) is bearing fruit.
– Forgetting my cardigan and scarf on my way to work is now a tragedy of epic proportions.
– It’s netball season.
– Apples are at their cheapest.
– I’m considering unpacking the heater and we have our doona on our bed again.
– I’ve made my first chocolate self-saucing pudding of the year.
– The first Easter Show patrons caught the train to Lidcombe with me this morning.
– Harris Park locals are harvesting olives from the trees on the nature strips.
– I find myself subconciously searching for nice foliage to decorate easter eggs with.
– All my teacher friends are on ‘holidays’.

And what do all these things mean? It’s autumn, of course! It’s time to read Persuasion again, of course!

Olives ripe for harvest on a Harris Park nature strip.
On my lunch breaks, I sometimes catch residents out on ladders, beating olives out of the trees and catching them on outstretched bedsheets. I wish suburban farming wasn’t so novel!

7 thoughts on “Signs of the times

  1. jennigan

    I love that you say doona!

    It’s quite strange that we’re going into spring/summer here. I wore a t-shirt on the weekend for the first time in four and a half months.

  2. ringsandcoffee

    Persuasion! Yay Jane Austen, though I’m deep in Jane Eyre addiction these days. Saw the new movie 3 times so far, read it before bed, and have the movie soundtrack cd in my radio at work.

    I discovered a while back that Arizonans (where I live) are rarely happy with the weather and often talk about it. It’s warm 9 months of the year, 6 of which are usually sweltering. May-July is HOT, and then monsoon season begins, so it’s hot AND humid through September. Actually, the weather is gorgeous right now and I wish it would stay this way forever. The 3 cool months we complain about being cold. 🙂

    Strange to hear about autumn coming when summer is approaching for us. Fall leaves as easter decor? Very interesting.

    We have random olive trees here that leave lovely stains all over the walkways.

    1. Alison Post author

      That’s kid of cool that you get monsoonish weather, although I imagine you’d get sick of it quickly!

      I use the leaves to decorate dyed eggs for orthodox easter. It’s a Greek tradition (and I’m sure many other culture’s traditions too!). I guess in Greece they would be using the flowers and leaves that are budding with the spring but I can find enough autumn leaves that do the same job here 🙂

  3. birdienl

    Do you always read Persuasion in autumn? I could see that working, it’s a kind of autumn-like book! Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

    Here on the other side of the globe it’s more Northanger Abbey season I think!


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