Mad Men

Matt and I have been watching lots of Mad Men over the last week and it is having a very negative impact on my mood.

I am feeling pretty low. There is a possibility that it is something more normal but I am 90% blaming it on televisual representations of the 1960s.


5 thoughts on “Mad Men

  1. nuranar

    Despite the risk of sounding know-it-all/picky/narrow-minded/whatever, I can totally believe that. And it’s one of many reasons why I have had not the slightest interest in watching Mad Men. I am very much a non-fan of most cultural things that happened in the 1960s.

    But I’m really sorry it’s getting to you like that. Sometimes certain books and series have done that to me, too, but by then I’m still invested in them. It’s unhappy all around. (((HUGS)))

    1. Alison Post author

      It sucks me in because it is such as visually beautiful thing to watch. I’m sure you would understand – those dresses! And the way they do their hair! Oh my goodness. I can’t look away.

      We are up to season 3 and it is worse now. Prior to this it was just adults screwing up the lives of other adults, but now there are depressing plot twists with the kids being emotionally scarred too. Blergh.

      I think maybe I just need to watch it with the sound off. That way they can be seen and not heard 😛

      1. etimodnar

        I remember reading a thing on Mad Men about how the overarching theme was “consequences”. While they aren’t always immediate, everyone suffers consequences. So it’ll likely get more depressing 😦

        I was interested in watching it for the same visual reasons, but didn’t like the sound of how screwed up everyone was. Boo to you feeling low 😦

      2. nuranar

        Heh, I might. Then again, I’m hideously picky and never been fond of even the early 60s. It’s a case of knowing too much, I think.

        One of the things that drives me up the wall is watching (or reading) a plot and knowing where it’s going to go and being unable to stop it. I console myself by finding good writers who don’t drag readers through the obvious, but still.

        That might work!

  2. tibbycat

    I’ve watched most of season 1 of Mad Men. I imagine I’ll get to finishing it and then watch the rest of the seasons if I find time, but ugh, yeah, I know what you mean. So far I just want to punch Don Draper in the face every episode and shout ‘STOP BEING STUPID!’


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