There was a family of little girls behind me in the checkout line this week. They were all pretty young and boisterous, jumping up onto the railings and prodding at my groceries while their mum tried to keep them in order. Only one was school aged. She stood staring up at me, decked out in her sports uniform. She was a Wallaby!

Oh, my heartstrings! She was wearing the same uniform I used to wear when I was in primary school!

My friend Wendy (year 1) and myself (Kindergarten) in sports uniform.
Wendy was in the Koala house but I was a proud member of the Wallabies.
We usually lost most sporting events…

I love living in Hurlstone Park and doing my day to day business in Ashfield because I love the connections I have with all the people and places I see. But I know that we won’t be able to live here forever. I wonder how I will cope when we have to move to a new place?

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