A quiz

I have been tossing a particular thought around in my mind and I have decided to share this thought with you via a quiz.

I don’t really do quizzes and competitions on LJ at all so I’m not 100% sure how this works.
Let’s say that my favourite answer(s) to this question can get… something cool of their choosing. An icon? One of my crafty experiments? A postcard from Sydney? If I like your answer you can tell me what your preferred reward will be and I will do my best 😛

Without further delay:


What religion am I?

I say there is only one God.
I trace humanity back to Adam and Eve.
I count Abraham and Moses among my early prophets.
My founder grew up in the Christian heartland of his time and probably was a Christian himself, until…
…God revealed the ultimate truth to my founder, and greatest prophet.
These revelations are recorded in my holy book.
My early days were violent as my followers clashed with the existing Christians in the area.
I hold the truth about God and other religions are false.
I am a “missionary” religion, in that I seek to make other people convert to me.
You would be hard pressed to find a place in the world where my followers are not present!


Go readers, go! Brush off your religious trivia skills and tell me what you think the answer is!


3 thoughts on “A quiz

  1. ringsandcoffee

    My first thought was Mormonism, but they claim that people can become gods after death, if I remember correctly. Joseph Smith, yadda yadda, the Book of Mormon…

  2. Anonymous

    Baptists?? The southern US type who predicted the rapture last Saturday! They only wear long skirts and don’t ever have pre-marital sex as it may lead to dancing!!

    or Islam.



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