Week of Insanity

I wanted to document the week gone by. It was the last week before some long awaited annual leave and it was possibly the most insane working week of my life.

Matt left in the morning for a week away at the eu annual conference and dropped me at work on the way, taking the car with him. I was going to be husbandless and carless for a week! At my desk I looked at all the work I needed to finish by the end of the month and consigned half of it into a “too hard” pile. I will definitely be stretching out those deadlines!
In the afternoon, Brad picked me up from work and we had an excellent time hanging with Vroni, Alex and baby Chloe. It’s seriously been years since hanging out with Brad and Vroni at the same time and it was fantastic.

After a bus and two trains I made it into the office and then actually finished some projects! In the evening a new church friend, Meredith, came over. We ate dinner and red frogs and watched quality Jane Austen film (no prizes for guessing which one)!

Today was the beginning of what I affectionately called “conference insanity”: 3 conferences in 2 states in 48 hours. I headed into the city for the Shelter NSW conference – an interesting mix of good and ordinary presentations on housing. In the afternoon I met two old uni friends and we car pooled out to the very edge of Sydney to join the eu annual conference for graduates night. It was beautiful to see the eu looking so strong and passionate, and wonderful to see so many old friends. We stayed ridiculously late. I was in bed by 1:00am.

Four and a half hours later I was awake and on a train heading out to the airport. I was off to Melbourne for conference number three: a forum on homelessness and older people. This forum was incredible, it was over almost too fast! After it finished I met up with geography Brad. We had a drink in a tiny, pretentious cocktail bar and then wandered the streets until it was time to go home again. It was raining back in Sydney. I have never seen anything so wonderful as the sudden dazzling lights of Sydney from the air as we came down through the clouds.

I felt like the week should have been over by then, I was so exhausted! Alas there was still one very full day to go before I could begin my holiday. Ugh! There was a meeting in the city and therefore lots of train trips (and sleeping on the train…) and then cramming in as much work as possible until holidays began promptly at 4pm! But all stories after this point are for another post…!

At Alex and Vroni’s

Early Morning Train


Holidays now!
More adventurous posts later! 🙂


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