Melbourne Again

I’m so excited to be in Melbourne again. Who would have thought I could come here four times in half a year?

Yesterday was an amazing day of unexpected experiences and achievements: 

– I visited the Mt Druitt centre
– I sat in my first focus group
– I checked my own luggage onto a flight without breaking anything
– I made sushi
– I attended a mid week bible study
– I attended a bible study where everyone spoke English fluently
– I had the best night’s sleep EVER

Now it’s a new day and I’m doing something new again: commuting by tram!

One thought on “Melbourne Again

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah I agree, you and Brad are both right. Melbourne doesn’t have as many awesome landmarks as Sydney, but it does have nice little nooks and crannies as you say. I like the little alleyways around Bourke St with the video game graffiti.


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