Melbourne Photo Album v2

I had a great time in Melbourne last week. The conference I went to was very intense and difficult but there was plenty of time in the evening for catching up with friends and exploring. This time I got to see the whole CBD as I sat on the complimentary tram. I saw what pinhead was trying to convince me of a few weeks ago: Melbourne is not a beautiful city like Sydney, it has no distinct skyline and no beautiful harbour. But it is very very beautiful in the detail, all the little nooks and crannies.

Here are some of the details and moments I captured while I was down there.


Commuting to work (conference!) on the tram; Melbourne Uni; Winter trees; Beautiful fabrics at Tessuti’s; Hunting for craft stores; Toy shop in Carlton; Book shop in Carlton; Brunetti’s cafe in Carlton; The old Pentridge Prison (I stayed here with Kate and Jacob – don’t worry, it’s not actually a gaol anymore!!)

Thanks to Chris and Nat for making some wonderful time to hang out with me and a massive thanks to Kate and Jacob for letting me stay with them and crash their bible study!


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