A quick succession of busy nothings

Oh Livejournal! So glad you are back! I have been trying to fill the hole with some other sites – twitter is becoming a bit of a staple and I have just discovered Pinterest. Is anyone else out there using Pinterest? (My user name is still spally…!)


This time next week I will be at the market, running a stall for the first time. I’m pretty excited, with a little bit of terror thrown into the mix. At least I will be there with my friend Celia, and not doing it alone is making is much less scary. I’m hoping the weather holds and that I can get everything organised in time.


Last night Matt and I broke a record for the number of people in our apartment at one time. The geography-plus-everyone-else kids came over for dinner and somehow we managed to sit and feed fourteen people. Admittedly a lot of people had to bring things to sit on, and things to eat with, but it all worked and I had a wonderful time. I also learnt how to cook heaps of neat things in preparation, like Massaman curry, roasted pumpkin soup and stewed apples. Lifetime skills!


My sister did a shift as a cheerleader for the Sydney Roosters last night. It was just filling in for someone else – hopefully not permanent! I had this weird sensation of disappointment and pride when I saw pictures on facebook. It’s so great that she is doing something she loves but there is so much wrong with the cheerleading culture I don’t even know where to begin.


I started watching some Jane Eyre adaptations after re-reading the novel (thanks for the tips, ringsandcoffee!). The one with Ciaran Hinds was OK (that’s all I will say about it, to try and mask my disappointment). Now I am onto the recent miniseries. I’m excited because:

1. It has the cute actress that played Lucy in Narnia
2. So far they haven’t dumbed down the religious parts of the characters as much as the other version I watched – although I am only 20 minutes in so I’m not sure what is going to happen from now on!


I wish there were three days to a weekend.


“Oh I love you a lot. I love you from the top of my heart.”

6 thoughts on “A quick succession of busy nothings

    1. Alison Post author

      Yay! It’s in Marrickville in the big community space on Addidson rd next Sunday.
      We will be selling jewellery though – I’m not sure how much of it will suit you 😛

  1. ringsandcoffee

    Ha ha ha I can’t even remember the one with Ciarand…except that I didn’t hate it. I do want to watch JE soon, both the miniseries and the new movie that comes out on dvd in 2 weeks.

    I watched Persuasion last night, the newer one. Love it.


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