DIY Church

We had a great time in our bible study group last week with the controversial activity of constructing our own church service. At least, I think it was supposed to be controversial. Somehow our group ended up pretty much exactly replicating the average service that we already have at our own church. What’s more, the first few things out of people’s mouths when I asked what kinds of activities should be included were “the Lord’s supper”, “the Lord’s prayer” and “the creed”. Tao and Ryan haven’t just become Christians, it also appears that they are becoming good Anglican prayer book followers too! It was kind of hilarious, but I also hope that we will all be able to adapt when we end up in churches that do things differently!



4 thoughts on “DIY Church

  1. Anonymous

    I’m about to start doing ‘Morning Prayer’ with a couple of young guys, because ‘personal quiet times” just dont cut it. They are quite happy to say the same things every day, if they are the kind of things that are rich enough to be worth saying each day. The baby boomers are bemused.

  2. pinhead22886

    *sigh* church services the way they are done are so incredibly lame. So devoid of personality and encouragement. Bring back the house church which the new testament shows us as a model for church.

    1. Anonymous

      Hey Brad, loving your comments recently.

      House churches may be A model, but they are not THE definitive model in the New Testament.

      That’s quite a sweeping statement about church services. And not our current experience – very thankful for a staff team that is thoughtful, creative and vibrant in the way they approach church.

      Matt 🙂


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