And whatever you do, in word or deed…

Being thankful is so hard when things are going badly.

This week was one of those weeks where I woke up every morning and just lay in bed whimpering because I didn’t want to get up and start the day. There is way too much work to even think about – let alone to actually do!

Yesterday I realised that, despite this week being absolutely lame in epic proportions, I have had lots of amazing little moments. I decided to be thankful of the good things that happen in my workplace. When I’m thinking clearly I usually remember that Anglicare is actually an awesome place to work. Here is the list I came up with.

Monday: My friend Lesley came into work feeling sick and exhausted too but she started the day with an impromptu prayer for both of us to get through the work we needed to do. It was exactly the kind of spiritutal and emotional support I needed. Lesley is incredible.
Tuesday: I won a footrace with a colleague from the car park to the front door of the building.
Wednesday: I had a super productive morning and got some positive feedback from my supervisor.
Thursday: I was proclaimed “the happiest person in Anglicare” by a colleague. We also had a staff BBQ and I got to sit in the sunshine for nearly an hour.

I was expecting that today would have a nice extra thing to tack on to the end of the list – maybe something nice would come out of the occasional Friday work-lunch bible reading group we go to? Maybe I would get an unexpectedly prompt reply to an email I sent to the US Department of Agriculture, defying all time zone logic? Those things would be neat.

Actually the thing to be thankful for that has cropped up is the announcement that Lesley has been offered a very awesome job in the aged care arm of Anglicare. It’s close to home, it uses all her neat skills and it’s the perfect fit for her. Unfortunately for me, Lesley has been that-person-at-work who has been super stable and supportive when things get hard (see Monday thankfulness thing!). I’m not 100% sure that I am going to enjoy working without her. I’m very pleased that she has a new and better job to go to, but I am sad that she is leaving the rest of us behind!

Today’s surprises have given me a new challenge to work on:

Being thankful when things are going badly for things that are blessings to other people.

8 thoughts on “And whatever you do, in word or deed…

  1. pinhead22886

    We take so much for granted, but we really don’t have to look very hard to find all the amazing blessings that God pours down on us, even when we so often forget about him or don’t really feel like he’s looking out for us.

    I got a bill the other day for two cycles worth of chemo drugs. The grand total on the bill was $16.80. The full cost of the drugs is upwards of $10,000.

  2. Anonymous

    Spal, I LOVE the way you think. 🙂

    Also, please delete the anonymous comment with the same cos my Firefox logs me out every time I log in.. weird. (I’m posting this in Chrome)

  3. Anonymous


    Hello Alison, I saw your comment on design sponge regarding the newspaper. Would you like mine? I finished reading it already.


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