Synod 2011 #1

Earlier this year I was elected to represent my church at the Sydney Anglican Synod, the kind of parliament for all the churches. Pretty much if you are an Anglican and you have a blog, you can’t help writing blog posts, and so now I feel it’s my duty to write something here. Unfortunately many current readers live in places / worldviews where Anglicans are not a huge deal. 

With that in mind, my Synod posts are going to me slightly more accessible and grouped into eye catching sub headings.

Synod: Days 1 and 2

Synod LOLs
Most of the LOLs have been jokes about lawyers. Imagine a funny joke about a lawyer and 500 people laughing out loud. Those have been the best Synod LOLs so far.

One senior diocesan figure made a joke along the lines of Asian people all looking the same. Awkward!!

Fashions of Synod
With the majority of people at Synod being men, men’s fashion is our focus today. By far the most fashionable item is the necktie, not only, obviously, for lay representatives but also for most of the clergy.


Collars are definitely not in, although there are a few daring clergy bucking the trend and ditching the tie for the collar. They might end up being the new Anglican hipsters on the Sydney scene.

6 thoughts on “Synod 2011 #1

    1. etimodnar

      woah! Just because they laughed at a joke, looked awkward about another joke and mostly wore ties, doesn’t mean they wasted all their time.

      Nice commentary, Ali!

      1. darvids0n

        In fact, I’m sure the disruptions to the First Council of Nicaea would have caused some to think the same. Stuff *does* get worked out at these synods, though, and it’s beneficial for the church to examine (and, if necessary, correct) themselves at these kinds of meetings.

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