Synod 2011 #2

Synod is exhausting. Well, synod plus trying to cram a full working day in before 3pm is exhausting. I’m relieved that there is no more Synod now until next Monday!

Synod: Day 3

Synod LOLs
There were quite a few hilarious Synod LOLs yesterday, including during discussion about an ammendedment to remove some subpoints in roman numerals:
“We are discussing the removal of Romans 5, 6 and 7” (Canonical LOLs!).
Also there was a very nice pun on during a discussion on parish taxes (to put it crudely), to do with “levy” and “Levi”.

Maybe you would only get these LOLs if you are Christian and read your bible well. I thought they were funny.

I don’t know if it’s a sensible thing to record on public internet, but I was shocked at how mean some of the well established church leaders could be. One in particular was very smooth at both covertly and obvertly smacking down another church leader in an unecessary (and I think) unfair way. No details though – I don’t want anything coming back to bite me in years to come!

Fashions of Synod
Today we think about colour. To be honest there isn’t much colour around. There are lots of black suits and washed out jumpers in blues and greys. The suits are well explained by the large number of lay reps working in white collar jobs and ministers who have ditched their collars (see previous “Fashions of Synod”). However among the bleak, dark suits and jumpers, there is a distinct highlight trend: reds, oranges and of course, magenta. Peppered throughout the crowd are red cardigans, orange vests and Richard in a lumberjack-inspired flanno shirt. The other representative from my church, Heather, says people wear red because it’s easier to be seen during debates and question time. I think that it’s more to do with the colour of this year’s Synod book:


Even the people in bland black suits are carrying this beautiful thing around: Magenta is definitely in at Synod this year. I think all the red and orange is just because most good protestants probably don’t have many magenta items of clothing in their wardrobe. Or something.

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