Synod 2011 #3

It’s over, it’s over! What an experience. I got to get really tired, and I ran late nearly every day. But I got to see all the secretly cool ministers – the ones who do awesome things (at least according to the NCLS database) but hardly ever get publicly congratulated – and quietly admire their awesomeness. I know they will get a good reward one day for all the work that goes on without pomp or fanfare!


Synod: Days 4 and 5

Synod LOLs
I liked the speech from a representative from Ingleburn who called for a more interactive feedback system about the new book of common prayer: “The Blog of Common Prayer”. LOL!

The Archbishop tried to wind down questions, with one man remainging at the microphone waiting to ask a question. Another lady jumped up on th eother side of the room. The Archbishop was hestiant, he wanted us to move on.
“It’s just a short question,” The lady said.
“Well we’ll just see how short this brother is,” replied the Archbishop.
We all turned our eyes to the man on the other side of the room – who happened to be as tall as the microphone.
This story I guess can also go in the category of Synod LOLs. It was pretty funny.

Celebrities of Synod
There were a few more Sydod Fashion trends I was going to comment on, like the wearing of knitwear (lots of knitted jumpers for men who weren’t in business suits, and I wore a cardigan every day!) however celebrities are supposedly even cooler than fashion. There was a celebrity look-a-like at Synod, a man who look pretty much exactly like Scott Adsit (Pete Hornberger from 30 Rock).


Unlike his fictional celebrity counterpart, the Synod version of Pete Hornberger was pretty confident and got up to speak a lot so I guess it was just the outside that was the same.


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