Icons with birdienl

I had my first ever icon battle with birdienl with a range of lovely costume drama caps.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I had a bit of a slump when I started and wanted to throw things at the computer, but eventually I got my head into it and it was more fun than I expected. It was great to be forced to do different things with difficult pictures and to work alongside someone else. The whole exercise highlighted yet again how terrified I seem to be of colour. I feel like I oversaturated my images but then once I sent them out into the real world they looked very washed out. Oh well – practise makes perfect! And all practise with colour also helps me improve my photos in my etsy store…!

Our icons and the caps we worked from are under the cut below. The first ten caps came from birdienl and the next ten caps came from me. birdienl‘s icons are 1 to 20 and mine are 21 to 40. I can’t decide my favourite icon from birdienl so here are my top three:
– #4 (Jane Eyre): I love the colours and the way the frame has been extended and blurred.
– #10 (Sense and Sensibility): for the cropping and the blurring again. And the colours.
– #20 (Vanity Fair): because the texture is so wonderful and the dark picture has been pulled out so nicely.

1 Amazing Grace 21
2 Cranford 22
3 Emma 2009 23
4 Jane Eyre 2006 24
5 Mansfield Park 1999 25
6 North and South 26
7 Persuasion 1995 27
8 Pride and Prejudice 1995 28
9 Return to Cranford 29
10 Sense and Sensibility 2008 30
11 Gosford Park 31
12 Jane Eyre 2011 32
13 Mansfield Park 1983 33
14 Northanger Abbey 2007 34
15 Oscar and Lucinda 35
16 Pride and Prejudice 2005 36
17 Sense and Sensibility 1995 37
18 The Importance of Being Earnest 38
19 Twelfth Night 1996 39
20 Vanity Fair 2004 40

2 thoughts on “Icons with birdienl

  1. Anonymous

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I don’t know very much about it at all, but sorry you’re finding it so tough. Love and hugs x


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