Summer Please

I’m just adding my voice to the thousands of other complaining people along the South East coast of Australia: one week into summer and the weather has been freezing the whole time.
Come on sun! Come out and stay out!


5 thoughts on “Summer Please

  1. ringsandcoffee

    December hit, and it’s finally COLD where I live. Cold meaning in the 50s. I’m too lazy to convert to Celsius for you. 🙂 It will only be cold for 2 months max, but pretty much everyone here is already over it.

    1. Alison Post author

      That’s exactly what happened here! Which is the opposite if what is supposed to be happening 😛
      Except not that cold, more like, I guess something like the 60s for you (mid teens in Celcius, and heaps of rain).

  2. voice_of_aslan

    You can send all your cold weather my way (mail it to the Dominion of Canada…), it has been warmish here, and the little bit of snow we’ve had has melted. 😦 I can’t say we’ve had much sun, but any we’ve got I’ll mail you. 😀

  3. Anonymous

    *cheers* 😀 Good for you for going with the correct spelling of the word “gaol”. I know the feeling- whenever I type words like “reorganise” instead of “reorganize” I am quite happy. What is annoying, though, is when you get books printed in Britain, but with American spelling, or when it’s half American spelling and half British- so you get spelling like reorganize and programme. >.> ^.^ Hope your transcribing goes well! 🙂


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