Yours is the Earth

This shop is the bomb.

Yours is the Earth is an Atlanta based store which is pretty much my favourite online store I have ever come across on the internet. The things they make are amazing – beatiful foodie and food inspired products like market bags, tea towels, recipe cards, labels, stationery and prints of their artwork. But even more than making beautiful things, they have an amazing story and vision behind their work. Everything they make is about minimising consumption through reusable packaging, buying local produce and making things at home. And ultimately it’s a beautiful expression of what it means to live in the world that God has made. His is the earth, and everything in it.

I’m fighting the urge to buy something from them. I think think that shipping things about buying local produce from the other side of the world is a little bit ironic. But I can still rave about them from afar! Maybe if you are in North America you should check them out for me.

You can read their story and find their website here.
Their etsy store is here.

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