Our last night at St John’s church was New Year’s Day. The next weekend we headed up the Blue Mountains and began our holiday. Since New Year’s Day we have spent three Sundays away from home. We’ve sung praises with the saints at the Katoomba Convention Centre, Scots Presbyterian Geelong and Callala Bay Anglican church, as well as at Cliff’s funeral at Blacktown Anglican and during the Moore College Orientation Day today. We have sung several different renditions of In Christ Alone (once accompanied by the organ!) and two different renditions of Amazing Grace (both were the awful bordering-on-heretical version with a Platonist final verse). Apart from the Amazing Grace moments it was wonderful to sing with so many new people. But tomorrow we are back home at St John’s for the first time in a month and I can’t wait to sing with my “immediate” church family again.


2 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. etimodnar

    I think i’ve heard that before. Does it also have a chorus in it? “My chains are gone, i’ve been set free…”? And a less complex tune?
    I hadn’t been terribly bothered by it, but neither had I given it much thought. The Earth is going to be renewed, not destroyed.


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