It’s been a few weeks now but I think I’m finally in the swing of Matt being back in full time study along with working a full day at church every Sunday. It means we are on one income and one day weekends, which I was afraid of at first but has turned out just fine. So far we have been very good at organising household things – the house has stayed tidy and the ironing hasn’t turned into a feral monster yet. My favourite achievement, though, has been the cooking. After coming back from holidays with an empty fridge we now have miles and miles of frozen stews and sauces in the freezer, an almost constant supply of fresh fruit and lots of other exciting treats. Most excitingly, I have made:

– Pasta (to welcome the start of college with Laura)
– Bread (thanks Jo for your cookbook tip!)
– Icecream (according to Yiayia’s verbal instructions)
– Banoffee biscuits (a delicious experiment with Jen)

Baking with Jen

Last time Jen and I cooked together we made snickerdoodles, which are apparently an American biscuit. This time it was a biscuit twist on British Banoffee Pie. I think this is a good trend to continue with: “Biscuits of the World”!

2 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. jennigan

    They were amazing! Except mine aren’t individual biscuits any more – they all stick together. What do you think the problem was? More flour needed? More cooking time?

    I like baking with you! We should do it more often 😀


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