An open letter to Relient K

An open letter to Relient K

Hi Relient K

Ideally this would have been sent as a regular email but I couldn’t find anywhere on your website to send mail to! Don’t worry though, I’m not going to say anything embarrassing!

I’ve been a fan of your music since something like early 2005. Your sounds are wonderful and your lyrics are wonderful. I could write a long rant about how amazing your music is and how much it has touched me, but I’m sure you get lots of that gushing from fans all the time.

Living out in the far flung edges of the world (Australia) I knew it would be a while until you came out here to play a live show. A friend had seen you play out here just months before I heard my first Relient K songs. I couldn’t believe I’d only just missed out on an opportunity to hear you! I was content to wait though. And last Monday night, finally, seven years on, I got to attend one of the Soundwave side shows and see you play in Manning Bar (coincidently, one of the first places that I heard your songs played when my friend Paul played a cover of For the Moments I Feel Faint on his acoustic guitar while we waited between classes during my first year of uni). After seven years and a full time 9 to 5 job I no longer have the energy for sustained dancing and many late night gigs, but I still had a great time. You sounded so incredibly good as a live band!!!!!! So good I need extra exclamation marks!!!!! You know how sometimes bands sound amazing on CD but when you hear them live they aren’t as good – maybe a little empty or boring or out of tune? You guys sounded better than your CDs. Monday is now up there now as one of my favourite ever live performances!

The only problem was that your set was over within half an hour. And I missed the first couple of songs because we were late and there was a long queue to get in! I had twenty glorious minutes of your performance and then it was over. I know that’s the way it goes with sideshows and festival touring and there isn’t much that could be done about it, but I was still very sad when it finished so quickly.

Will you ever come back to Australia and do non-sideshow-shows? The ones where you get to headline and play many songs? That would be great! Please don’t wait for another seven years, though. Sooner is better!

I hope you have a lovely rest of your tour bringing joy to other fans who have waited a long time to see you. Hope to see you again soon,

Sydney, Australia


3 thoughts on “An open letter to Relient K

  1. pinhead22886

    P.S. I lost all respect for you when I heard the song “My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend”. You stupid smug bastard! What could possibly have made you think you were so much better than someone else?! Congratulations on blighting an otherwise pretty good musical legacy. Perhaps you’re the guy we should feel sorry for, seeing as though you’re clearly so insecure that you have to be a wanker to your “girl’s ex-boyfriend”. I hope you never come back to Australia, because America is clearly the place for you- the land of the smug ignoramus!


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