After the flood

The rain over the last few weeks has caused flooding everywhere! Dad has been working heaps of extra hours with SES. Flash flooding in Sydney innundated my friends’ home in Ashfield (of all places). Fiona was stranded in Sydney when Forbes was cut into several different pieces by overflowing rivers (actually I was a tiny bit excited about that one – I’m not complaining about a bonus weekend with Fi!).

Yesterday Matt and I went for a walk to inspect the Cooks River. It had risen up and over its banks by something like a metre in the height of the flooding near where we live. As one of Australia’s most polluted water bodies it had left piles and piles of rubbish up right up into the streets and left a disgusting oily black film covering all the grass and pavement. Gross.

The Cooks River from the Hurlstone Park ridge.
It’s right up to the edge of the bank but still the same murky brown colour as normal.

The drain is just for rain, people!

Debris along the Canterbury Rugby Club fence

2 thoughts on “After the flood

  1. pinhead22886

    So gross! Makes me so angry when people leave their garbage on the beach. Like its such a huge effort to drop it in the bin which you have to walk past to leave the beach anyway! Grrr!


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