Easter moments

******** It’s been a long weekend but I’ve had trouble sleeping in every day of it. Friday and Sunday we were up at 6:30 anyway so Matt could get away to the early church services, but the other two days – no excuse! Something has happened to my body clock!

******** Dark church on Thursday night was very dark. I mean, yes, there was no light so of course it was dark. But the evening felt dark on the inside too. It was very weighty. While this was happening, Jan turned up to church after a 4 month absence in China! Even in the darkness and the weight of teaching about the Garden of Gethsemene I was ecstatic to see her again! She’s only supposed to be here for a few weeks to graduate and sort out some things though. Oh well. A few weeks is better than never seeing her again.

Dark Church

******** Saturday was a trip up the mountains to see the Moffitts in what is becoming something of an annual tradition. It was lovely to spend time with the family again. Since Matt has started working at church we’ve struggled to get a big enough chunk of time on the weekends to get up and see them. Apart from an allergy hit it was very relaxing. Mum had completed her latest sampler (it is absolutely stunning, see it here) and had been chasing up some family history so she had some cool stories to tell. Lachlan beat me nearly all of the time in Mario Kart which is unsurprising – but I actually won a couple of tracks (super surprising!). And, best of all, Matt, Lachlan and I went out for an explore around Megalong Valley, the bit under Katoomba. Oh, the beauty!



Megalong Valley

******** Easter Sunday was amazing. Not just because I spent the morning cooking delicious sweet food or because we had a beautiful lunch with Angus, Nerida, Fiona and Ryan or because our entire congregation went out for dumplings after church. Nope. It was beyond the food. Jesus lives and all day it was a celebration. In the evening our church was full even though lots of people had disappeared for the long weekend. The singing at the end of the service was so loud and joyful that cavernous building felt full with sound. Our minister got up to send us out and his voice shook from trying not to cry.

Why do you look for the living among the dead?
He is not here; he has risen!

(Luke 24:5-6 NIV)

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