Genesis 3/Psalm 104

A while back I post about how my church was doing a sermon series on understanding the world, including an awesome video of a poem inspired by the story of Adam and Eve and the snake. And also including a promise to put up a link to them sermons when they are available online.

They are up now! Here are the links to my two favourite sermons in the series:

The corruption of God’s world, based on Genesis 3
God’s care for his world, based on Psalm 104 and Matthew 6

Sadly the first two sermons in the series, on Genesis 1 (creation of the world) and Genesis 2 (creation of humanity) weren’t recorded! But the later sermons in the series can be found at on my church’s website if you are curious to see the rest of them.

EDIT: Heads up – I just downloaded them myself and they are long! I mean, if you are at church, maybe you go to a church where your sermons are that long normally, but usually at our church they are about two thirds or half the length! However they are still very good sermons to listen to if you have the time.
Also, the second talk is missing the first few seconds.


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