It’s nothing to do with the end of financial year, but work at the moment is really full. And instead of being able to move ahead with anything, I am sitting here at my desk, massaging my temples, rubbing my eyes and pondering whether I should get another cup of tea. The reason? I have just spent two hours of database work, constructing logical “IF” statements in an SPSS syntax pad and my brain hurts. I reckon there is a limit to how many logical statements you can hold in your brain at once and this task is pushing me to the limit. It is reminding me of Bernard Black doing his taxes:

“If you live in a council flat, by the river, and are not blind… WHAT?!”

I have plenty more to do now but my brain has conked out. I think I need to approach this from a different angle, or maybe work on a completely different project. Ugh.

In other news, today I gave my first staff devotion, a short bible talk from 1 Peter on how Christians are different to the rest of the world. I was terrified before I started but in the end it went really well. It has taken me back down memory lane to the first ever talk I gave at the high school Christian group I went to – also terrifying in the lead up but also OK in the end. Also speaking from 1 Peter. Lots of people seemed to like it, I have had many visitors at my desk or comments in the kitchen, thanking me or giving me positive feedback. Hooray!

OK. Self expression is calming. Now I think I will make some tea, and then make a list. I’m sure that together those two things will solve all my logic problems.

6 thoughts on “Work

    1. Alison Post author

      Done! But now it is a new day of work – time to do it all over again. I came prepared though, I brought biscuits to go with today’s brain explosion tea 🙂

  1. Anonymous

    Fi Smartt

    Have tea, make a list and also grab some chocolate.

    Good on you for doing a devotion. 1 Peter is one of my very favourite chapters 🙂


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