Tasmania Part 1: Some wonderful friends

We made it home from Tasmania safe, sound and surprisingly, actually relaxed. You know how sometimes you go away on holidays and everything goes horribly wrong? [See, for example, last year’s winter holiday.] This trip was not like that. It was wonderful.

As you might imagine, we went to heaps of places, I took heaps of photos and made heaps of memories of the lovely things that happened. To leave some record for looking back at I’ve decided to post across a few different posts – organised thematically rather than chronologically. ‘Cause Tasmania works like that. Hope you don’t mind be clogging up your friends pages and RSS feeds!


We were already going to have some wonderful friend-time because we were sharing out holiday with the lovely Angus. However there was the awesomely wonderful bonus of getting to catch up with the temporarily Tasmanian Kylie and Jero and also Liz and Jeremy, who’s winter holiday dovetailed with ours.

Matt, Jez, Angus, Liz and me – a successful timed photo!

Selfie at the Salamanca Markets.

Loosing all feeling in our extremities in the pitch black dark at the top of Mt Wellington.

We were in the same state!!
A very rare and very special double catch up with Kylie and Jero.



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