Tasmania Part 3: The Mountains

We climbed the big mountain behind Hobart, Mt Wellington, at the end of our first day. Old paintings of Hobart have snow on the mountain, but other than some really stale and crunchy ice right at the top, we didn’t find anything that resembled snow at all.

A drive up into the ranges and river systems west of Hobart didn’t bring any snow either. It was just really cold and green. And breathtakingly beautiful.

Matt and Gus staying warm at lunchtime

Rocky mountains holidng up the clouds

More rocks and fields

The Gordon Dam, which was so tall that I couldn’t see the bottom.
Matt was brave enough to walk right across. If you squint you can see him at the bottom of the picture.

Hardy plants

Lake Pedder


6 thoughts on “Tasmania Part 3: The Mountains

    1. Alison Post author

      I found out afterwards that some of my friends abseiled down that dam a couple of months ago! I’m so glad I didn’t know that while I was there!

  1. Anonymous

    thanks Allison, I’ve been hanging for ‘fashions of Synod’. How else will I know what is in season for ministers these a days!
    Thanks for all the effort you put in to serving the wider church. And thanks for using your brain and not just going with the crowd!


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