On Sunday Jen gave me a big bag full of tea, crockery and other lovely things from my wonderful friends. One of the boxes of tea was a herbal collection from T2 – teas with names like “Refresh”, “Relax” and “Sleepy Time”.

As I opened it I turned to Jen excitedly:
“I’ve been meaning to buy these teas for ages and never got around to it! One of the girls at work says they are great!”
“Hah!” she replied. “I got them because you always sound so stressed on your Livejournal!”

Sorry friends! I think it’s just cause this is a nice place to vent. I promise I’m not stressed all of the time. Most of the time.

Unfortunately I did wake up quite stressed today and had to spend some time hugging Katharti-Kangaroo (the office comforter) when I got to my desk this morning. Eventually when I started calming down I realised that actually a lot of the anxiety is completely unecessary and that God has been taking very good care of me. I have heaps of things to be thankful for. Here is a list:

– Study leave
– My awesome supervisor who gives me study leave
– The super-encouraging brothers and sister at JBF and the book of Matthew
– The super-encouraging brothers and sisters at staff bible study and the book of Mark
– The super-encouraging brothers and sister in my church fellowship group and the book of 1 Peter
– My husband who cooks me dinner and goes to the library for me
– Church friends who are ready and excited to help me on the church weekend away
– Work friends who are positive, supportive and joyful
– My tea infuser(s)
– Friday mini-sleep-ins on study leave day
– My friends and family who made my birthday and birthday-weekend so fantastic

Furthermore I get to be thankful that even the things that are causing anxiety now are going to bear great and positive fruit in the future. I need to stop being distracted by the pain of getting things done now and remember the goals I am striving for:

– A strong evidence base to advocate for better support for Australian families experiencing food insecurity
– Better resouces to help the Sydney Diocese with evangelism
– An evidence base to continue developing community education at Mt Druitt
– A church weekend away where which strengthens relationships at church and helps us be better stewards of our money
– Completing an assessment that helps me grow in my cultural awareness and can contribute to how our church interacts with the subcontinental community in Ashfield.

When those things happen then I will be over the moon!!



5 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. jennigan

    Loads of things to be happy about! Isn’t being alive glorious?

    I sometimes like stress. It makes me feel like a proper grown-up. I often feel like I’m not stressed enough. One part of me will be thinking, “Jen! Pay attention! You have two essays, one presentation, a pretty big revision of your CoC, 40 assignments to mark, moving, and a weekend away all in the next four weeks! Start stressing!” and another, bigger part of me will go and make a cup of tea and then check Useful.

  2. Anonymous

    The posts I read don’t make you sound that stressed! Maybe sometimes, but more frequently its more like an urgancy, or an enthusiasm about things that you love or hope will happen. And sometimes, its very chilled.

    🙂 Bron


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