Five great things about the weekend that was

Our friends Iain and Sylvia got married on Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful wedding and I got to see some very old familiar faces – Matt’s old EU cohort, some of my EU cohort, some of the PLC girls I used to go to church with (I forgot Sylvia went to school there!), and even one old Livejournal/ friend looking very spiffy as a groomsman! It was a wonderful evening.

The morning and afternoon of Saturday were blocked out for working on my essay. It was surprisingly productive and fun. I was able to actually make use of our extensive library (“Matt, where are our books on culture and mission?”), standing in front of our many book cases and browsing, just as though I was at Fisher. Except I didn’t need a library card!

Catching the Sydney’s first football (soccer) home game with Matt’s Dad and littlest brother. It was a loss, but in the end we won because we somehow beat all the traffic home and also had late night pizza run. Family win!

Headed off early on Sunday morning to pick up my fruit box and ended up having an impromptu breakfast with more lovely friends – Blake, Sarah and Herbie. A wonderful start to the day.

A new bible study series at our fellowship group on the Sermon on the Mount began with some discussions about our own cultural values and attitudes. At the moment our group has people from four different countries (China, Colombia, Iran and Australia); often there were more than four different takes on the topics we covered – things like revenge, symbolism, criminal activity, promise-making and what it means to be fortunate. It’ll be really interesting to read this part of the bible together!

ONE: Wallpaper at the QVB tearooms, where Iain and Sylvia had their reception

TWO: Books to read for my assessment

THREE: At the football

FOUR: The Hatton fruit and veg box

FIVE: Questions for fellowship group.
This one got particularly interesting answers.


7 thoughts on “Five great things about the weekend that was

  1. mmaster

    Rar.Am I right in thinking you go to St John’s church in Ashfield? I live like a block from there! You should totally come over before/after sometime…

    1. Alison Post author

      Yeah, I do! That would be awesome!
      Are you free Sunday mornings? Often I drop Matt off cause he works there in the mornings but I don’t always go myself.

      1. Alison Post author

        I am a bridesmaid at a wedding the day before – I might need that day to recover! How about the week after, first Sunday of November?

    1. Alison Post author

      Usually I complain about it (the dust; the space they take up; the fact that I haven’t been able to bring many of my own books over from my childhood home because there is no room…) but this weekend I was very pleased to own them all!


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